Thursday, March 15, 2012

Miscellaneous animals

I guess this will be miscellaneous. I'm not getting much done, I'm not going anywhere to take pictures... A LITTLE sewing, a LITTLE swimming, a LITTLE shopping etc.

Cleo likes my quilting hoop. In fact, I think all the cats are drawn to the circle. They take turns occupying the hoop-loop.

Sadly a couple of nights ago I came home late and found my Japanese sweet shop friend's cat killed near the crosswalk. It is a busy road and they lost their other cat there a few months ago too. I hated to phone the wife and tell her but I would have wanted to know right away if it had been one of my animals so I called and let her know. I went back myself and the two of us sobbed in front of the sweet shop. I so hate having to face these situations and I've had to a couple of times... I know so many of the pets by name in this area and know where they belong so when I find one on the street I've been the person who has to give the sad news. Makes me want to close my curtains and never step out in the world again. My poor sweet shop friend. She's lost her husband and her cat in the span of two weeks...

Last night we had three more strong earthquakes. The news keeps letting us know that THE big one is in the near future but what is a person to do except fortify the furniture, keep extra water on hand, and not sit around wondering "when". The TV and cell phones have an emergency pre-earthquake warning system and suddenly before the shaking begins a beeping sound from the TV will give us a few seconds to turn off the kerosene heater or shut off the gas lines. The second the beeping sounds, Cleo, Mi, Chip and Velvet scramble under the sofas or chairs. They know that the shaking is coming next!!!

And here is a picture I took on a day that Choco was allowed in the house. She actually gets along quite well with the cats these days. Everybody basically ignores each other. But Chip always has a bad word for Choco.

"You DOG you! I do not like you in my house. Stay AWAY from me! Shoo!!!"

Choco wants to know what Chip is so huffy about.

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