Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mrs. Ochiai's Birthday quilt

Mrs Ochiai sent me pictures yesterday of her FINISHED QUILT!

Last year's game (or was it the year before last) for our patchwork group was to choose a block, make a pattern, put it in a box and pass it around to members each month until we got back the number of blocks we thought we needed for a quilt. Some of us chose small blocks, some chose major pieces. Mrs. Ochiai chose small stars and after the boxes made a couple rounds, (and she was frantically making nearly the same number of blocks herself) she put all the stars together.

The rest of us are still fiddling around with our blocks and putting great thought into how we are going to join them... what sort of border might be nice... choosing a nice quilting pattern. In short, no one else in anywhere near completing their quilts.

Mrs. Ochiai put her quilt all together, hand quilted like a demon and was able to present her quilt to her husband for his birthday!

Such a pretty quilt! And a very happy looking husband too!

I need to get my block box out and put a top together. Mrs. Ochiai is ready to start something new and I promised to join her... Let's see... how many boxes of unfinished blocks do I already have?

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