Sunday, March 25, 2012

Notebook covers

School is over. (Crosswalk duty is over!) English is over... at least for two weeks. In one of my English classes I have three 6th grade girls who will "graduate". I have found it easier all around to not teach Jr. high school students. Once students hit Jr. High they have almost mandatory club activities, sports, band etc. and they rarely get home from school before 7;00. Another reason is that these eager elementary school students for some reason become Jr. high students with an attitude and I'm not very long tempered...

So these three girls whom I've loved teaching are going to graduate from English class tomorrow. For weeks we have been planning cooking dinner together. The girls will come at 4:00 and we'll make a casserole (Japanese families have never eaten a casserole!), soup and probably cookies of some type. Afterwards I'm planning a treasure hunt in the house (give them some English reading practice..."Go look in the shoe cupboard.") and the treasure is going to be some notebooks.

I've been working on these notebooks for a couple of weeks too now... Elaine sent me a pattern and June sent me some kitty fabrics and together I made 4 notebook covers (I made an extra cover for one girl's older sister who used to come to English too.) Cute cute!

I quilted the fabric first... and then did conveyor belt sewing until I had my four "treasures". I hope the girls will be as pleased with them as I am!

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