Friday, March 09, 2012 I did

I closed the computer lid, headed over to the local pool, paid my lump sum (now I HAVE to go!) and jumped in the pool. Up until last July, Tetsu and I religiously went to this pool in the evenings, but Tetsu opted out at the end of the summer (end of the year membership). And if HE isn't going back then I didn't feel that I could either.

Tetsu likes coming home in the evening to a homemade dinner and a sleep on the sofa. Our previous evening membership made this difficult (home by 9:00 at night).

Oh, we've talked about going back... Should we? shouldn't we? Do we want to or not? The answer was, we should but we don't want to. Tetsu kept saying, "Maybe from NEXT month." but next month would come along and we wouldn't go.

My decision to go yesterday morning meant higher membership fees but I can go during the day and still have dinner made at night. I may not get there as often (work you know) but better than not going at all.

I was greeted by the lifeguards with smiles and questions.

"Where have you been? Did you go back to the States? Were you ill?"

I felt very welcomed back. A few laps across the pool, oh my, I can't do a quarter of what I used to be able to do!

Last night over dinner, Tetsu asked the usual question.

"What did you do today?"

"I signed up for the pool again."

"Uh-oh. Does that mean I have to go too?"

"No, it means that at least I can tell myself I'm TRYING to do something about my extra flab. You can worry about your own."

Remember, I don't LIKE doing exercise but I'm promising not to gripe at Tetsu about how ineffectual it is (that was a major boo-boo on my part before.) Who knows... Maybe he'll join me again.

The picture is of the indoor swimming pool (and a little playing pool outside). Can you see me swimming back and forth,
and back and forth,
and back and forth...

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