Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two game quilts finished

Thursday I went to patchwork to work a bit on the kindergarten bazaar quilt. It is turning out to be much more complicated than we'd originally planned and we are no where finished... No pictures to show of that because we don't even have enough blocks made! And we all seemed to be doing different things and having different opinions so not much progress was made... Some years we are already at the quilting stage in April but not this year for sure.

But Mrs. Ochiai brought her beautiful Birthday Quilt that she made for her husband last week and we got to see it in person. I really felt that I had to show you the beautiful quilting that she did on this quilt! Isn't that gorgeous?! AND ALL BY HAND! This is really proof that the quilting makes the quilt! Such an heirloom!

And Mrs. Okutomi brought her Hawaiian quilt. While Mrs. Ochiai had asked us all to make a few small stars each for her game quilt, Mrs. Okutomi had asked each of us to make one large Hawaiian applique block. Such different quilts from the same game! Mrs. Okutomi did a wonderful job of machine quilting her quilt (we suggested she add a little more quilting to the insides of the patterns) and she has made a stunning masterpiece too.

And my blocks for the game? Um... Here they sit, wrinkled and piled up on the arm rest of my chair. I REALLY need to get back to work on this! My friends are leaving me behind!

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