Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday progress

My friends Rumi-san and Mrs. Nakazawa came over on Friday for a bit of patchwork.

They both have so much homework that it is difficult for them to make progress in anything. But it is all of their own doing!

"Oh, this is so cute! I want to make this too!"

"That looks like it would be fun to make, can you make me a pattern for that?"

"If I'm going to make this quilt for myself, I'd like to make it for a friend too. I'll do double the work."

Rumi-san is working on a Bible quilt, a daisy quilt and a small applique wall hanging.

Mrs. Nakazawa is working on TWO Bible quilts, the same daisy quilt AND a cat quilt! Mrs. Nakazawa is my cat mentor.

Neither ladies have a sewing machine and Mrs. Nakazawa seems to think that the sewing machine I loaned her won't run unless I'm in the same room. She brought it back on Friday and did her sewing in my dining room.

And look what she got done on Friday! Isn't that adorable?! Oh, I wish I had joined her on this and had been working on the blocks along with her!!!

Oh this is going to be a winner!

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