Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Guilt trip?

Let's see... Nothing in the way of pictures today... Which I feel guilty about for a number of reasons.

1) I like taking pictures but I don't really get out and about very much. Tetsu and I don't go traveling. Our major activity is visiting hot spas and I might get arrested if I started taking pictures in a hot spa! Basically I lead a very quiet life. I've about photographed my way through life in Nikko. A rice field is a rice field...

2) My cats and Choco are always keeping me in smiles but animals have a way of looking the same no matter how old they get. I wish I could say the same for yours truly! So if you've seen one of my cats in a cute sleeping position, you've seen them all in the same position.

3) I am diligently quilting the Crazy Goose Chase Quilt (returned to me by Mrs. Furui who did her quota last week) but I sure haven't had any finishes in a long time, have I? So quilt pictures have been far and few between.

4) But the last reason why I feel guilty about not having pictures to show is because...... I ... bought ... a ... new ... camera! I bought it, but it hasn't been delivered yet. Tomorrow is the big day!

You don't know how many hours I've agonized about whether I needed a new camera or not.

"Why do you need a new camera? For blogging? Are you just trying to impress people? Do you want a new camera because other people have big cameras? Are you really going to be blogging forever? Your compact camera has always been enough... you've been happy with that haven't you?"

But I've been "talking" about a big camera for a couple of years now... I wanted to borrow my sister-in-law's but she couldn't even tell me how to use it and just hefting it a few times was very overpowering. Maybe this ISN'T what I want... I like being able to carry my camera around in my pocket...

So... what did I buy? A middle range "mirrorless" camera... whatever that means. Cheaper than the big professional looking things! Smaller too. I was limited to some brands because many Japanese cameras only have ... Japanese... I really felt I needed English to make the most of my acquisition. The price was good, it is still big but not biggest,

I guess Leiya's comment was what pushed me over the edge.

"I don't know anyone who takes a many pictures as you do."

Anyway... I'm looking forward to playing with a new camera. I sure hope I can find things to take photos of or my guilt trip is going to grow! No way, Tanya!!! Enjoy!!!

"Nagging guilt is like gray paint splashed over life's sparkling moments."
Sally Shannon

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