Saturday, April 07, 2012

Pictures from the fields

Even though it is April, we are still wearing down jackets and gloves. Even so, I was out with my camera again yesterday. More random pictures.

Last week brought wind storms and rain.

This old shack is just behind my house at the side of a field and in better days (not much better) the old pig farmer who owned the land used to stay here at night when his sows were birthing. Even then it had boards missing and broken windows but I'd sometimes see a small light out there late at night so I knew the farmer was braving the cold to stay near his pigs.

The farmer has been gone for quite a few years, the fields rented out, and the shack seems to hold only rusted farm tools these days. This week's storms knocked down a few more boards in the shack and I took the opportunity to peer inside. A broken TV and refrigerator in there too so maybe the pig farmer spent his nights cold but somewhat entertained.

The farmers are starting to flood their rice fields but in the morning there is a thin layer of ice that melts quickly when touched by the morning sun.

Rice fields are fed water from wells and the water is redirected to different fields by channels and man made streams. Can you see the gurgle of water coming through from the neighboring rice field?

I don't know... We still have frost pillars in the vegetable fields... Spring doesn't seem very close yet.

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