Thursday, April 05, 2012

Quilting with a helper

It's 8:15 in the morning but I'm waiting with baited breath for the deliveryman to come bearing a camera for me...

"Delivery date, Thursday AM."

Do you think I should go outside and wait in the driveway?


Yesterday I quilted a little... I needed to take the Crazy Goose Chase quilt to Mrs. Furui in the afternoon so I tried to put in a few more stitches. And Velvet helped me.

"Try this position. Ooh. That's good!"

"A flip on this side? Hey, that's nice too!"

"This side? That side?"

"Both are good. Mom's quilts are so great for doing a little grooming."

"A quick scratch, a good snooze. I love quilts."

"Move? You want me to move? Ah, Mom~~!"

When Mrs. Furui sees these pictures she's going to want to double wash this quilt. Sorry Vel. A quilt headed for donation can't have a lot of cat fur on it!

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