Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Random pictures again

More random pictures.

This morning I went out with the zoom lens on my camera. And gave Tetsu a big laugh.

"You look like something out of a circus. Someone should take YOUR picture."

Tetsu is referring to my morning get-up. Purple and red recycle shop jacket, black ski pants, a very colorful handmade camera strap (too colorful?), big, white camera with a hulking zoom lens. Tetsu did NOT think I looked very professional. (Well, I wasn't trying to... I was trying to see if my camera could take zoom pictures.)

So this is what I took pictures of.

The scenery. That is a pretty normal picture of Mt. Nantai from the fields.

The neighbor's dog, Sasuke. I took a picture of him a couple of years ago and he wouldn't forgive me for weeks. Absolutely refused to come out of his dog house when I called him. Hopefully I was far enough away from him this morning that he didn't realize he was being photographed. Hmm. What do you think? He's got the eye like "Are you aiming something at me again?" We'll see if he'll speak to me tomorrow.

A heron in a far away tree. Well, that turned out pretty well. I was trying to take pictures of flying herons but I couldn't even find them with the narrow range of focus when using zoom. I had to settle for a SITTING heron.

Daffodils!!! Oh yeah! That means that spring is really around the corner! Thank goodness!

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