Friday, April 06, 2012

Random pictures

La~ La~ La~ La~ La~ ♪♪♪~

I am the owner of a new Olympus camera. A smaller one, Olympus Pen Lite-2.

The deliveryman arrived at around 11:00 yesterday morning and I unpacked the box. Ah. Instructions... in Japanese. Clever me had already downloaded instructions in English so I referred to those instead and slowly unpacked my box.

First off, "Please charge the battery." Whoops, I'd forgotten about that. Okay, it takes three hours to charge a battery so I left my box and did errands. I was back three hours later.

"Attach the lens. Take a picture."

My first picture. Chip in a box (not the Olympus box).

Well, not fantastic but I know the camera can take pictures.

After that I spent most of the afternoon trying out my new camera. Sorry, you are going to have to bear with some of my random shots.

Choco taken through the window.

And again taken in an art mode. Wow... That makes Choco look like a woebegone dog doesn't it?

I went out the back to see what the scenery was like in the forest.

An everyday hot house looks pretty good.

And here is our farmer friend, Mr. Yano.

"These greens are pretty good. Here take some home for dinner."

And so I did.

Yum. Greens with bonita flakes on top for dinner.

I guess this is how I'm going to see the world for awhile. La~La~ La~ La~ ♪♪♪~

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