Friday, April 13, 2012


I have finally ventured back into the sewing room. Did you forget I have a sewing room? I almost did!

I finished machine appliqueing the corner flowers for Mrs. Furui's hospital quilt. (It will be donated to the hospital.) I've had this in a bag for two weeks and have been procrastinating but yesterday all four flowers went on within an hour. Why do we procrastinate so?

This flimsy will go back to Mrs. Furui for sandwiching and then it sounds like it will come back to me for machine quilting. I'm a little leery of doing a meandering stitch in the white areas but we'll see what Mrs. Furui wants.

This quilt will probably be remember as "Tanya's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" quilt. I was in a bad mood when Mrs. Furui consulted me about borders and block placement. She had already put a double round of pieced blocks on the inner border and was trying to choose a nice color for a solid outer border.

"Your colors are too bland. They don't match. And I don't understand why you needed a DOUBLE round of pieced blocks on the inner border. It should have been an inner and outer border of pieced blocks. Grumble, grumble, grumble."

Poor Mrs. Furui. She took my "advice" to heart and undid her double round and resewed it all. And bought some basket fabric for the last border to match the basket in the center. AND called me the next day to find out why I had been in a bad mood.

I guess Mrs. Furui has forgiven me for my attitude (I don't know what my problem was that day) and I've done my best on her pretty flimsy.

"Some days are like that. Yeah, they are..."


And though I'm embarrassed to show this, I have been working on embroidery of all things!

Jenny of Elefanz has such a nice free BOM called Promises and Borders. Sigh. I had said I wasn't going to do any more embroidery. (My eyes don't focus!) But I have a special page in my Bible just for Promises and Jenny's BOM was calling to me. Okay. I'll download and TRY. Maybe not on the recommended time schedule but at least it can be a pick-up-and-go project for when I'm at a loss for something to do. (Not often.)

Interestingly, when I went to buy variegated embroidery thread I had a very hard time finding any. I went to three stores and only found some muddy red and brownish yellow. I had some variegated green and I gave up on variegated blue. I'll just do my best with regular embroidery thread. But it does seem like variegated embroidery thread was a standard when I was a child trying to embroider handkerchiefs or something....

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