Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The real me

Tetsu's actual phrase yesterday morning was,

"You look like you could join a street performer band."

Chindonya in Japanese. (picture from the Internet)

We don't see many chindonya in my area but in the southern parts of Japan there will be street performers all dressed up in gaudy outfits and carrying instruments and props hoping to draw a crowd. Stores will hire Chindonya-san to add a little festivity to opening ceremonies etc.

My crazy hat and purple jacket prompted Tetsu's comment.

This morning, when I handed Tetsu my small camera and told him blog friends had asked for a picture of my morning get-up, he laughed and said,

"You're going to lose followers exposing the real you like that. Image-down ↓."

Ah well, here is the real me.

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