Wednesday, May 09, 2012

After the rain

Wednesday and another busy day. 5 kindergarten classes, a ladies' class and a children's class in the next town over. Wednesdays don't leave me much time to do anything else though I may take my Kindle and spend lunch hour at a coffee shop. That's always something to look forward to!

Pictures today are of some spider webs that I spied in the forest after the rain. I wondered if it was any easier to take pictures of spider webs with the new camera. (They were a dilly to photograph with the point and shoot camera.)

Not bad... I don't know WHY they came out when with point and shoot I had more errors in my trial and error attempt.

Spider webs after the rain are so pretty. Spiders aren't so pretty at any time.

The rain had all the rice fields overflowing onto the roads around us.

"Mom, our walking road turned into a stream."

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