Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby quilt finished!

I finished the baby quilt I was making for my sweet shop friend's new grandson. Machine pieced and hand quilted. Pretty good timing. I think I started May 14th, so that's a little more than two weeks from start to finish.

This is a quilt that I bought fabric for while in the States last year and started cutting strips and sewing while there. But after a few strips I decided it was a waste of good (new) fabric when I could use all the fabric I had at home (in Japan) and the quilt would be more cheerfully scrappy. So that project got put aside (for 10 months!!!) When my friend's grandchild was born I raided my fabric bins and got started again.

Actually you can see where I started trying to coordinate fabric in the States and where I started to go scrappy (the bright colors are the scrappy) but probably nobody is going to see the line but me. I don't think my sweet shop friend cares one way or the other about patchwork.

For the back I had found some cute car fabric on sale at Ikea of all places, and I bought a few yards of that to use for a child's quilt backing... so this worked out perfectly.

I gave specific instructions to my friend that this is to be USED quilt; used for diaper changing, drooling on, having picnics on etc. It is not to be kept safe in a drawer somewhere or hung on a wall as a decoration. I hope I see it often on their laundry line!

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