Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the country

As promised, here are pictures of the rice fields behind my house.

Actually, a rice field with a farmer just getting ready to put in rice. The rice is started in hot houses on flats and then the flats are set into the planting tractor that pulls off a few stalks at a time and plunks them deep in the flooded field. Around the edges of the field (where the tractor can't get close to) the farmer and his family will hand plant the rice stalks, wading in the mud. It gets to be a family event with a everyone sitting around the edges of the field eating rice balls.

I thought the pick-up truck carrying the flats to the field was interesting. Like tiles of a green carpet!

And here is a newly planted rice field rice all in nice straight rows. The ducks will come soon and swim around through the rows looking for polliwogs to eat I presume. And gradually the countryside will become a huge carpet of green!

I love my countryside scenery.

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