Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tokyo sightseeing

Today I have some leftover photos of this weekend. City pictures and maybe not exciting to most people but to Tetsu and me, the country bumpkins that we are, a completely different side of Japan that we usually never see.

After leaving the Umihotaru tunnel, Tetsu and I drove to Yokohama which is the main port of mainland Japan. Speeding along the highway, looking at all the ships and cranes and freight containers made me wonder what my grandfather would think if he stepped into Yokohama today. More than a hundred years ago he left Japan through this port and worked his way across the Pacific on a freighter...

Tetsu and I had heard of a historical brick storage complex in Yokohama (probably built to hold freight those hundred some years ago), and we took a little time to see what it was all about.

There was a music and band festival being held that day and people were out in hordes! Not exactly the historical place I imagined but certainly different from events that Tetsu and I usually attend.

Yokohama is a lovely place and I'd like to visit again (when there are less people.)

Residential areas in Tokyo sure are dense!

The image of Mt. Fuji along a highway wall.

A lot of tall buildings!

Leaving the Tokyo area to head home.

And introducing Sky Tree, the tallest TV tower in the world. It opens to the public today but you can be sure Tetsu and I aren't going to be making a visit to the observation platform for a few more years. The waiting list is horrendous and Tetsu doesn't like heights. I don't think it is going anywhere.

Tomorrow's pictures will be of the rice fields and nature behind my house. Certainly different from Tokyo!

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