Friday, June 29, 2012

Patchwork Thursday June

Patchwork yesterday but I can't say that we got very much done. We are still working on the bazaar quilt... What to do about block placement... What to do about borders...

Here is Mrs. Furui looking pensive about our quilt.

Mrs. Harada finished putting together her Pineapple blocks (this was our game quilt... ). Almost all of these blocks were put together by hand and let me tell you, we all found this a dilly to do. Not that it was difficult, but Pineapple blocks aren't INTERESTING to hand piece. (Mrs. Okutomi cleverly did hers by paper piecing.)

Don't you like the star that was formed just by a couple of us putting diamonds in the corners of our blocks?

Here I am trying to take a good picture of Mrs. Harada's quilt.

And proof that I did more than drink tea, eat snacks and chat yesterday. I DID do some sewing.

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