Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Japan was visited by a typhoon last night and trains and flights were cancelled, people were stranded in stations. In my part of the country we tied down our patio umbrella and closed up the house as tightly as possible. The school principal called me to let me know that school starting time had been delayed by two hours so crosswalk duty time had changed (but I told him that I need to be at the kindergarten by that time so someone else will cover for me this morning.) Last night we went to bed with the wind howling and the rain beating down on the windows at all sides of the house.

This morning the world is bright and sparkling, the typhoon having passed through Japan and headed back out to sea. I never got word that school starting time was back to regular hours so I feel like I'm playing hookey not being at the crosswalk and instead enjoying a beautiful morning.

The roads were covered with leaves and branches and the rice fields overflowed sending minnows and tadpoles to swim along the roads in search of drains. Tetsu did have to fix a fence that had fallen over but for the most part the typhoon just washed our part of the country clean.

So last night during the typhoon I got in a little quilting. My Alabama Beauty is still going slowly. I'd really like to finish this before I head to the States this summer (less than a month away) but every time I look at it there are still more and more circles to quilt (and not too visible at that for all the work I'm putting in.)

I love to hear the sound of rain while sewing at home comfy and safe.

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