Monday, July 02, 2012

Birthday Sunday

Thank you for so many birthday wishes yesterday! I spent a quiet day at home after church as Tetsu had to work, but my friends sent me cards and Tetsu and I went out to my favorite restaurant for dinner.

One friend gave me this pretty little mobile of goldfish! Won't this be refreshing to look at in the humid summer months! I love these three dimensional cards that we can often find in Japan.

And this is a cute birthday card of kitty pictures in booklet form. Of course my friends are all aware that cats play a major part in my life. Ah, to be so relaxed as a cat!

The restaurant was a bit dark but I embarrassed Tetsu by taking pictures anyway. You've probably seen this same meal at this same restaurant for the past three or four years on my birthday. I'm not so skilled at eating curry with nan but still, a birthday dinner at this restaurant has practically become tradition!

Leiya won't like this photo. She wants to know why I always cock my head when I have my picture taken. She says I always look crooked! (I have a feeling it is a subconscious way to cover up a double chin...)

Great start to year 57!

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