Monday, July 09, 2012


Yesterday morning Tetsu came back into the house after a little gardening, munching on something.

"We've got blueberries!"

Five or six years ago (or has it been longer?) I planted a couple blueberry bushes. Little things about knee size. I didn't give much thought to where I was planting them, but they went behind the hydrangea bushes in the back by the forest. I think I planted another little bush by the driveway but that one seems to have disappeared.

For the first two or three years... nothing.

"Where are those bushes? Are they even back here behind the hydrangeas?"

Then, maybe four years ago, the bushes started flourishing and we've been able to gather berries. One year a great haul, the next, not so many. This year looks like it's going to be a good year for blueberries!

Tetsu and I spent about 10 minutes picking a little Tupperware full. (Actually Tetsu picked and I took pictures.) And this morning we enjoyed fresh blueberries in our granola! Yum! I'm thinking I'd like to plant more bushes just because it is so much fun to see the purple-blue beads clustered within the leaves. A tangy burst of wonder!

The only unfortunate thing is that I am usually away in the States during the blueberry season, so Tetsu gets all the fun of picking them. And this year I'll have to remember to tell my cat sitters to eat to their full!

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