Monday, July 23, 2012

Cal State Long Beach

So... On the second try Toni finally flew off into the wild blue yonder. Takumi and Bianca and Leiya and I took him...

Before the airport mix-up, we did have some nice family time .

Takumi specifically wanted us to see his university and so we made a late afternoon/evening trip to Cal Stat Long Beach. Most things were closed up but we wandered around the campus anyway and Tetsu was just thrilled to see what the college atmosphere is like in the States.

Takumi and Bianca pulled out their ever-present skateboards which is their normal mode of transportation at school.

"Takumi is 27 and he's riding around on a skateboard still?"

But actually there seemed to be other people (young and not so young) using skateboards on the paths and as Takumi says, he and Bianca are STUDENTS and that is their mentality (not "Oh my gosh, I am nearing thirty and still cutloose and carefree.")

Leiya and Toni seemed to find skateboard transit pretty acceptable too.

The Long Beach campus is beautiful.

A swimming pool near the food/cafe areas.

There seemed to be a party going on but I don't know why.

And there is even a bar on campus! That's a new concept for me too!

The dandelion fountain with a pyramid in the background (I think Takumi said that was their gymnasium....)

"I am not kissing you no matter how romantic you think this place is Tanya. Our children are watching!"

Takumi loves his studies (he tried to explain algorithms to us) and loves his school.

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