Friday, July 27, 2012

California Days

Yesterday turned into a long shopping spree with Leiya. She said she had some schoolwork to do and wanted to go to Panera to use their Internet service as well as have an early lunch so we headed over there.


And then we ran over to Michael's for crafting goods. For some reason Leiya has got the crochet bug... but in the evening when I was helping her work out a pattern for a towel topper, she claimed she was tired after the third row. I may end up doing the crochet... (True... the three rows took us over an hour because I'm not so good myself at deciphering crochet patterns).

Here is Leiya crocheting in the evening. Grandma was trying to unravel the clump of yarn that had gotten pulled out of the skein.

"This is all tangled... Do you think I should just cut it?"


(It wasn't really tangled and Grandma's making a nice double ended ball of yarn in the middle of the strand didn't really help much. But it kept her busy!)

I bought some jeans... I now can toss my recycle shop men's jeans, the only size I can fit into in Japan.

And once home we took turns playing Blokus the game of the summer. Takumi brought this over one night and we have become addicted to it. I'll probably have to buy this and take it back with me to Japan. Lots of fun and I LOVE games!

Sorry, I'm showing my ugly feet. The girls went out to get our nails done (only toenails for me) after taking Tetsu to the airport the other night. Had to get some smiles back on our faces. I opted for stars so that I could be supportive during the Olympic games.

And have I been doing any needlework? Well, I'm still plugging away at the Promises and Borders embroidery but it is not going very quickly. I did take it along with me when we attended an evening concert at the park but what with crochet lessons and now a quilt show in front of me I may end up taking all my good embroidery intentions back with me to Japan...

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