Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family pictures... and more family pictures... and more...

Thank you for all the comments yesterday. I can see how I am really closed minded on the issue of guns and I just assumed most people are against them! Very thought provoking.
Yesterday our family celebrated Leiya's birthday. And since Tetsu had been sick two days earlier on his, we celebrated for him also.

First, Tetsu and Leiya and I went out shopping for Leiya and made a breakfast stop at the donut place. Yes, that is a box of a "dozen" donuts. A "dozen" in Yum Yum Donut language is 14 donuts for $7.99, As donuts cost about $1.50 per donut in Japan, we were surprised and almost went back in the shop to see if the clerk had made a mistake.

Leiya wanted Jamba Juice too so we made a stop there and passed around our frappes tasting each flavor.

Tetsu got the usual t-shirts, sandals and shorts for his birthday but his nicest present was MADE by Bianca. A beaded key fob! And it says "TETSU" on it! Wasn't that especially sweet of her?

In the evening we gathered in the front yard and took family pictures much to most of the young people's chagrin.

First let's get a family picture with Grandma.

"Okay, bring in some more people!"

This is Grandma's immediate family.

"Can't forget Bianca! Go grab some dogs too!"

Cassy, Scrappy and Sadie; my brother's dogs got included and Bianca is cuddling Pearl. Pearl and Grandma vie for the position of most elderly in this picture.

"Are we free?"

"Yes.  No, wait!! Let's get a picture of you and Leiya."

Leiya had already changed clothes.

And Takumi wanted Grandma to be "Japanese" and pose with a V-sign.

And here is beautiful Grandma at age 90. Ooh! Doesn't she pose nicely with her sexy legs!

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