Friday, July 20, 2012


We've only been in the States four days but they are all blending together and I can't remember what we've done when. I guess I'll start with yesterday (what happened to the two days before...?)

Takumi planned the itinerary for yesterday. He wanted to take us kayaking. Kayaking? I didn't know you can go kayaking around here. 9 of us headed for the beach and proceeded to prepare for kayaking.

"Do not take your good camera, Tani-san. If the kayak overturns that will be the end of it."

Good advice. Okay, I'll take my well-used little Sony. Not waterproof but I won't have heart failure if it falls in the water. But no one really falls in the water do they?

A beautiful little waterway with expensive houses looking down from the cliffs.

All suited up in a life jacket and sunscreen and ready to go.

A group picture before setting off. (I'm taking the picture.)

"Ooh Marcy! You look like you know what you are doing!"

That is the last picture of "dry" Marcy because I few minutes later her kayak overturned and she went sputtering under! As I heard it, Takumi was panicked because he felt responsible for almost drowning his aunt. A good adventure always has to have some kink in it and Marcy's dunking was the first high point of the adventure.

Here they come, a wet Marcy and a relieved Takumi (Marcy's still smiling!)

And here is proof that I was out on the water too.

Tetsu and I were in a double kayak. That meant that I could take pictures and let Tetsu do most of the rowing. (Smart me!)

And Leiya was pretty clever too and she got Toni to power up their kayak. Obviously Leiya has the stronger "back motor".

Kiana looks pretty good capable too.

Colin spent much of his time stalking crabs and birds.

Crab and bird.

Of course, Bianca is the ol' pro. She's been doing this with her mother for years.

And here come Toni and Leiya. A WET Toni and Leiya! They took a dunk too!

"They spend too much time gazing into each other's eyes and they tipped their kayak." was Takumi's comment.

Back on shore the two of them look like they came straight out of Samoa or somewhere. (And actually at our next stop they were greeted by someone with an "Aloha!" That cracked us all up!)

We had a fun day on the water and we brought back everyone!

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