Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last minute sewing

I have a whole list of things that need to get done but what was I doing yesterday? Last minute sewing!

I had already pulled the plug on my sewing machine and closed down my sewing room a couple of days ago, but... One last stitching session.

Gasp! Is that a buttonhole foot? Yes, it is! And this project is probably the only time that buttonhole foot gets pulled out of its envelope. When I first made this project (and I've done it at least 5 times) I almost put everything away when I got to the instructions about using a buttonhole foot.

"I can't use that thing! My sewing skills don't go that far!"

But I persevered and... what do you know! If you follow the instructions it really is possible to make a buttonhole! (In this case a lon~~~~~g buttonhole.)

The unfortunate thing is that if you don't use your buttonhole foot for a few months (or years) you forget how to use it and have to start all over with the instruction booklet. Even with the booklet in hand I ended up grappling with my buttonhole foot for a good 30 minutes or more.

But once that is done... Yeah! Luggage tags!!! My anniversary present to Tetsu last night.

I made these to put on Tetsu's luggage tomorrow. I love the fact that they close up and hide personal information from public view. And the inside plastic window makes these look very professional (even with a messy buttonhole opening.)

These luggage tags from Morah's blog have become a standard for me when needing to make a quicky gift for someone. Quicky if you remember how to use your buttonhole foot.

Maybe I should make another set today while I still remember...

Give it a try. Don't let that buttonhole foot dissuade you.

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