Sunday, July 15, 2012


We are packed and ready to go!

Over the past couple weeks, Tetsu and I have been buying nothing things to take to my family... but a lot of nothing adds up to three full suitcases. (It was four suitcases but some cat peed in the open suitcase while we were packing. Do you think the cats know something is going on and are trying to stop us?) Thanks to Tetsu's expert packing techniques, every little thing is wrapped and taped up in plastic bags (so cat pee didn't damage all the nothing stuff) and he managed to get into three suitcases what took me four.

Choco and I took a common shower yesterday so she is white again and ready for a trip to the vet this morning. The cats got a special serving of canned food as a going away present (I'm the one going away, not the cats.)

Mi seems oblivious to all the activity in our house.

So I guess the next post will be from California!

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