Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Shooting range

I'm still back on last week, but another day out was planned by my brother for us.

Warning. I do not like this activity! But my brother does, he wanted to show my family a good time, and he was very happy to be able to take his children as well. I will try not to be judgemental writing this post. Please consider my brother's feelings when commenting.

Many, many years ago Keion worked in a shooting range. He manned the counter, taught shooting to people who felt it necessary to have a weapon in their house. He was licensed to teach and shoot and carry a gun.

Now you can probably get no farther on the other end of the spectrum about guns as I am. The idea of one in the house (albeit locked up in a safe) distresses me. I have absolutely no desire to handle one or watch people shooting one. But my brother sees differently and he does enjoy target practicing and taking friends to the shooting range. Years and years and years ago I think he wanted to take Takumi but I put my foot down that time. This time everyone but me was excited about going... Takumi, Leiya, Toni and Tetsu.

"Fine. You all go and I'll stay home and read a book."

But no, Tetsu wanted me there for support and he asked me a number of times to join the group. I think he had the idea that spectators would be lounging around on benches around the shooting range. No can do! For everyone's safety, security is tight. I went but Marcy and Bianca and I stayed out in the lobby where we couldn't even see the shooting going on. It was a good thing that I took my Kindle. Eventually I went out and sat under a tree because I didn't even like the sounds reverberating through the building.

So. I did NOT take any of these pictures. Tetsu had the little Sony Cyber Shot again and he and Leiya traded off with the camera... Not great but I'm sure Tetsu will be happy to have a record of his shooting experience (gun laws are much too strict to have anything like shooting ranges in Japan.)

Keion giving professional instruction.

Are the students fast learners? Not really. Tetsu said he got scolded (by Keion) for not following proper aiming procedures.

Takumi, trying to look cool.

Tetsu and Toni took out their enemy.

I guess the whole experience was a little heart stopping for Tetsu.

Thank you Keion for showing Tetsu another side of America. I'm glad that's done with.

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