Saturday, July 21, 2012


Our next stop on Takumi's Wednesday plan was to go to visit a battleship, the USS IOWA, that was open to the public in one of the Los Angeles' ports.

It was interesting to see the inner areas of the battleship and to read the explanations in each room. Though there were references to WWII and battles with Japan, I don't think any of us ever felt uncomfortable with the plain history in front of us. With Takumi, Leiya and I at his side I think Tetsu got the drift of the battleship's travels, though the young people had to pull out their Smart Phones and Androids or whatever when converting numbers, (miles to kilos, knots to horse-power etc.).

Does that front gunner need any help?

I put my camera on Dramatic Mode for some of the photos I took. Interesting effect...

A lot of steep steps on the battleship, with handrails for the tourists.

...and interesting curved doorways.

Takumi is still at kid at heart... swinging on the monkey bars.

Going down the hatch!

Tourists always have to take a group picture.

Thanks to Takumi we had an interesting visit at a very American site.

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