Sunday, August 26, 2012

5:00 am

Tetsu had a scheduled stay at the convalescent home last night so the animals and I had a quiet evening. Quiet until Choco started barking at before 5:00am!

"Okay, okay. Let's go for an early morning walk before it gets too hot."

Here comes the sun ~~~ (doo doo doo doo) ♪♪♪
Here comes the sun,
and I say... It's all right!~~♪♪♪

The blessings of getting up with the sun. I know this in my head but getting out of bed in the morning is still an effort.

Funny little flowers losing all their petals.

So much for the scenery.

"Choco, let's stop at the convenience store for breakfast."

A thirty minute walk through the rice fields and forests takes us to the nearest "Kon-bini" (abbreviation for con-venience store.)

I had a chocolate bun and Choco had meatballs on a stick.

"Wait.... Wait..."

"Mom! I'm done! Can I have some of your bun too?"

Breakfast in front of the convenience store with Choco is not exactly relaxing.

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