Monday, August 20, 2012

Corn on the cob

If anything can be called a summer food, it is corn on the cob!

Driving home from somewhere yesterday, I stopped at a stall along the side of the road that was selling corn (6 ears for $12. That's par for the course.) The family manning the booth had many types of corn available and I was given samples as I stood looking at my choices. Yum! Sweet!

"Would you like to try our white corn? It is the sweetest variety we raise. Here try it raw."

"RAW? As in uncooked? I've never eaten corn raw before. Is it really edible?"

"Here, try it! Of course most people will cook it but we farmers like to eat it raw."

I'm telling you, that raw corn was delicious!

At home I did cook the corn and served it cold without any salt or butter on it. Japanese like to eat corn unadulterated (but usually not raw) and it is just as tasty without the extra calories. Japanese ladies will daintily shear off kernels one at a time but I'm afraid we ripped into those sweet, tender corn cobs with our teeth! Tetsu was in seventh heaven! We'll be eating a lot of corn this week!

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