Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cutting strips

I finally got up to the sewing room to see what I had in mind for projects.

Ah yes... At the Long Beach Quilt Festival I bought a pattern with my niece in mind. She loved the sample quilt up on the wall... whether because of the pattern or because of the fabrics used or maybe because of the intricate machine quilting. She decided that it wouldn't be a great first time quilt and left the vendor booth but I looked at it longer and decided I might be able to complete a quilt in time for her entering college (next year). I contemplated buying a pack of dyed fabrics which were very expensive but remembered that I have all the lovely rainbow colors of batiks that Jay sent me a couple of years ago (the stash is dwindling but there is still a lot left!) The quilt is not going to come out exactly the same but I think it will still be nice.

Yesterday morning was spent going through my drawers and cutting up a rainbow of colors into strips. Just love those batiks! I did buy some dyed sashing fabric and cut that up as well. Just getting the cutting all done makes me feel as if this quilt is well on its way! Hopefully today I'll get some sewing in as well. As for the quilting... well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I wish these patterns would have specific quilting instructions instead of "Quilt as you like." I always get stuck at the quilting point... I don't really remember how the sample quilt was quilted... Just that it was detailed and beautiful.

While up in the sewing room I went looking at my shelves and couldn't find the fabric that I had planned to use for more embroidery BOM blocks from Jenny's Promises and Borders. And when I'd left Japan in July I was so sure I'd put everything in sight so that I wouldn't get confused! I ended up preparing a new block from yardage. Those pre-cut blocks will turn up someday and will have to be put to other use.

Ah yes, and I see I was working on a Trip Around the World quilt too. I guess I can't criticize my mother's short memory span because within a month I've forgotten completely what I was planning to do! Maybe more time in the sewing room will jog my brain cells a bit today!

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