Sunday, August 05, 2012

Embroidering, crochet and a little sewing

Yeah! I have caught up with the embroidery on my Promises and Borders project.

Before leaving Japan I had traced the patterns for May, June and July onto fabric and even applied the stabilizer. The three pieces were all ready to be worked on at the airport, in the airplane, and here in California while I waited to start other things.

Great. May pattern is done. I chose my own Bible verse for this one.

Grandma watches me embroider and asks me the same thing twenty times a day.

"Tani, do you usually have some handwork ready to do?"

And she is always amazed that I can embroider letters. (I think she thought only flowers and birds can be done with embroidery.)

I skipped the June pattern to do the July pattern first. (I was getting tired of doing the miniscule letters myself.)

And finally, the June pattern. Again, I chose my own Bible verse and what a Bible verse I chose. Talk about a lot of letters! And would you believe that I stupidly wrote the whole Bible verse upside down on this block and had to retrace the flowered pattern again right-side up. (That's why there are still traces of pencil marks on this block.) I think I may have added or subtracted some flowers or leaves but who is to know?

Now... I'm putting this aside until I get back to Japan. Three more blocks to go but I have other things that need to get done this week.

Leiya finished the scarf she was crocheting.

And I even sandwiched Marcy's quilt last night. (Marcy was no where in sight!)

I'm hoping Kiana's little sewing machine is up for some machine quilting today!

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