Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm in the dumps today because yesterday I knocked the bumper off my car and scratched up the back. I backed out of someplace and into an extremely low wall (couldn't see it in my mirror) and to tell the truth I had other things on my mind at the time.

I had someone in the car with me so I couldn't start wailing immediately, just glanced at the back, picked up the bumper, kicked a part back into place and went on my way chatting to the person in the passenger's seat. But all the while my heart was thudding and I felt sort of sick. It's amazing how a person can play a calm, no-worries role when the mind is twirling with what-if's, why-did-I, what-should I etc.

My passenger and I came back to the house and I decided NOT to call Tetsu and get him upset (at me) while I had company so I delayed until evening trying to be a pleasant hostess to my guest. When I finally did talk to Tetsu he controlled his frustration very well.

Last night Tetsu saw the damage and said he would contact the insurance company.

"I don't mind driving it this way. It is my fault. I'm disappointed that the car has a gash in it but it is what it is."

That was not the thing to say. According to Tetsu the system is not that simple. (Annual regulation overhauls can be delayed if damaged cars are not repaired properly... Possible damage to wheel alignment that my non-mechanic mind cannot fathom.) Tetsu's estimate of the damage based on how the convalescent home's vehicles have been repaired is..... GULP.

So. What's done is done. (That's probably not the right thing to say either.) I'm not posting any pictures because I don't know how much more Tetsu has left on his frustration levels...


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