Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good friends

I spent two days with my friend Jane and her family down near the beach and returned last evening to the baking 105° (40℃) temperatures of my mother's area. Air conditioning is a must for Grandma (and she benefits from the whole family napping at her place and staying cool.) The cool beach area was NI~CE~!

Jane and I have known each other for more than 40 years. Whew! A LONG~~ time! Jr. high school acquaintances becoming friends in high school, and then staying in touch throughout college and thereafter. Neither one of us is much for letter writing (or e-mail these days) but Jane gives me a call every so often and I spend at least a day with her every summer in her extremely lovely house.

This year it was great fun to relax in her home's elegant surroundings and catch up on what our children are doing these days and talk about our high school days.

I love Jane for her positive outlook on life, living each moment to the fullest with lots of fun balanced by serious outreach to the world near and far. She has been blessed with so much but she is equally generous with her blessings. During the two days we ate frozen yogurt, watched a Captain America DVD, raided her bookshelf for my future reading material, made a work-out walk to the nearby harbor, ate great Mexican food and talked about the importance of a church family in our lives.

Good friends are what keeps a person thinking and developing!

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