Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I am the Light of the World

My morning routine while in the States starts with getting up around 6:00 and heading out for an hour's walk. Usually I'll walk down to the high school and come home another route. I see lots of joggers and dog walkers. If I'm up a bit before 6:00 and the sky has less smog than usual, I'll hike up to the top of a hill and look down on the city. Today I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. (Old time blog followers see this same picture every year. Only the cloud formations change.) Light of the World!

Once home I enjoy a bowl of granola and a cup of day old coffee. My brother makes a pot of coffee the night before (Yes! He drinks coffee at night before he goes to bed!) and it is still warmish in the morning. Then I sit and read my Kindle while the family sleeps on (my brother has been off to work since before 5:00) and finally get on the computer. I love my quiet relaxed mornings!


Yesterday Kiana, Marcy, Leiya and I went to Biola University for a campus tour. Kiana has to start thinking about colleges and we are going to spend time this week looking at campuses. Leiya is a plus to have along because she knows all the right questions about college life.

"Does the meal plan include swipes or flex points?" (With swipes you eat too much. With flex points, you spend too much money.)

Biola (Bible Institue of Los Angeles) is beautiful and very Christian. I would have loved going there! Probably pricey too but it is something for Kiana to consider.

Back home Leiya has been working on her toothbrush rug. She says she is ignoring the instructions and doing it her own way. (I think she's really got the rug facing the wrong way). She stops every few minutes and says,

"I love my rug! Maybe these will be Christmas presents for everyone this year. I may become a professional rug maker."

Seeing as she hasn't finished her first rug, that sounds a bit premature to me, but enjoying the process is important!

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