Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miscellaneous post

I didn't realize today is a Patchwork Day (I'm still on vacation mode!) so I've got to be out of here in a hurry.

I see I have a few miscellaneous pictures in my files. How about this one.

At a dollar shop I was looking at these cute pouches... Probably for carrying CDs or something. A Panda case... A Rabbit case. A Flog case. A FLOG case?

Maybe a typical Japanese-English pronunciation mistake but usually not so glaringly produced en masse.

And at the supermarket I caught a picture of a family taking their groceries home. 30 years ago this used to be very typical and it always reminded me of a circus act. Mom on the bicycle, a baby tied to her back, a child in a front child's seat, another child riding on the back bumper. In fact I regretted that there weren't many mothers that use bicycles that much anymore and that I'd never get a picture to show my blog friends... Then, lo and behold, I watched this family load up and pedal away. No baby on the mom's back but she managed to squeeze two children on her back bumper. I was very careful not to get faces in my picture... Um, is this being dishonest? I really wouldn't have had enough courage to ask them to pose for my real camera so I hurriedly took this on my cell phone... To photo or not to photo...

Help! We are being attacked by aliens! Nope... just by a giant praying mantis. I was somewhere and came across a giant metal sculpture at the edge of a parking area... No other artwork around and seeing this "creature" that was taller than me as I got out of the car gave me a start.

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