Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My problem child

Yesterday I made a trip to the vet to pay Choco's boarding bill. Suffice it to say that I'm not telling Tetsu how much I paid!

My vet has known Choco from the day I picked her up on the street. When I came across Choco in the middle of a busy street I figured she was an escaped dog and someone would be wanting her back. She may have been an escaped dog but the owner did NOT want her back. In fact the girl who had raised Choco asked me if I would take her because her father had told her to drop the dog off in the hills. Choco reminded Tetsu and me of our old dog and so we agreed wholeheartedly. My vet was a little concerned because it was obvious that Choco had been an abused animal, but Tetsu and I were adamant. That was 7 years ago.

Choco was nothing like our old dog no matter the physical resemblance. While Shoko our old dog was quiet and forlorn looking, Choco is hyper, barks constantly and cannot learn a whit. She has so many issues it is depressing though in 7 years she has learned not to attack cats. (Choco's one major success.) My vet has been supportive and he has boarded Choco before so he knows her well.

In spite of that, yesterday when I went in his comment about Choco was,

"Taihen. (Hardship) Choco barked the whole time she was here starting at 5:30 am until evening. Partly she just wanted attention, partly she wasn't happy in her surroundings, partly she just likes to bark at movement or noises."

You're telling me? I'm living with getting up by Choco's barking at 5:30 am. I'm the one who has neighbors complaining and who struggles to stay vertical when taking her for a walk. I'm the one who has to stay alert when Choco crosses paths with other dogs and even people. Choco is my bane and blessing. (Well, blessing because thanks to Choco I get my daily exercise. She's my own personal walking coach.)

"You really might try a barking control collar, Tanya. One of those that emits odors might teach her to be quiet for a time. You notice how she never looks a person in the eye? Choco probably has an Attention Deficit Disorder. She's lucky she found you to be her owner. I don't think many other people would be as patient."


Sort of like being told your child is a hellion and handicapped in the same breath.

I repeated the vet's "diagnosis" to Tetsu this morning and for all his complaints about how this dumb dog doesn't listen, doesn't behave, costs a lot of money and doesn't give much love back in return, his comment was,

"Well, the vet's opinion doesn't change what Choco is from yesterday to today. She's still the same dog as we've had for 7 years and we've managed with her. She's not completely without virtues. She has her cute sides too... (he couldn't think of any right offhand.)

Here we are on our morning walk. Choco has ONE doggy friend that she can meet without going berserk. This is Sasuke-kun, a lovable, QUIET dog that exudes friendliness. Too bad he can't teach Choco a few tricks.

We love you anyway, Choco!

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