Sunday, August 19, 2012


I am still going slowly around here.

We stopped in to see Tetsu's mother but my summer's pictures were all in daily folders and there wasn't enough time to show her all of them. Yes, digital photography allows a person to take pictures from every angle but that doesn't always mean that every angle is worth keeping. Yesterday I spent a couple hours getting pictures organized.

During my absence, Tetsu seems to have focused on keeping the house cleaned up and he left the yard to grow wild. Yesterday he spent out in the heat pulling weeds and trimming plants. I'm sure glad HE likes to do it because I'm not an enthusiastic gardener. He has turned the house and the kitchen back over to me so I need to get back into the habit of cooking and cleaning.

And I'm slowly unpacking my bags. Fabric, crafty things, books. I see the fabric I bought and wonder what are my Works In Progress and how I planned to use my purchased fabric. Gratefully I still have one more week before school and classes start again and maybe I can squirrel up in the sewing room next week for some intensive sewing!

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