Saturday, August 04, 2012

Picture This

I finally got on a sewing machine yesterday. Marcy and I have started the quilt that she wanted to make (1 of 5!)

Marcy and I found this pattern called "Picture This" at the Long Beach Quilt Festival. Marcy has always just loved photos and she really wanted to make this for Kiana and maybe for Kiana's friends (we'll see how much we get done.) But I've never done any photo transferring and though the sewing went fast we first had to get Kiana involved in scanning and collecting pictures (took two days), then get my brother involved with printing out pictures (took three days... he had to go buy printer ink) and finally I took over with sewing.

Now what are these going to be? A clever use of black and white striped fabric turns into strips of......


Somewhere in the many days of preparation, we lost the last page of instructions but I think I can figure out how to put the border on this sometime this week. Therefore, this cannot be called a flimsy yet... But it soon will be!

Okay gang! Get back to scanning and collecting and printing more photos. I think I can do this!

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