Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Proverbs 16:31

I always look forward to going to church services while I'm in California. My mother's church is the same one we've been attending since I was five years old and it feels like home to return each summer. I especially enjoy the contemporary services with the gospel music and informal atmosphere (people drink Starbucks during the service! They dress in spaghetti strap tank tops and beach sandals... or wear no shoes at all!) Most of the younger generation of members I don't recognize... I'm only here for four Sundays a year, but my mother's generation of members are made up of my old Sunday School teachers and friend's parents.

It takes a bit of work to get my mother ready for church but with Leiya and my combined efforts she has been able to attend with us this summer. And the church people SO welcome my mother with open arms! She was the long time church stenographer and could often be found manning the office front desk but these days, though she recognizes people she no longer recalls their names.

Last Sunday when Leiya and Grandma and I attended church the pastor was alerted to my mother's presence and announced,

"Our long time member and friend, Grace Logan is with us today!"

and everyone gave her a round of applause and crowded around her after the service in the courtyard.

One man in particular, for years, whenever he sees my mother will break into song with

"Ama~zing Grace~~~ How sweet~ the sound~~~!"

and then gives her a big hug.

Yesterday's service was held in the social hall and during the call for communion people were asked to come forward to dip the Bread into the Wine, or to remain seated and the servers would come to them.

Afterwards we stood in a circle to sing the final hymn and the pastor reminded us that all the people still sitting had been the foundation of our church and without their love for God, and dedication to the Church, the younger generation might have floundered in their faith.

My eyes watered a bit to see the white heads and rounded shoulders, the walkers and canes of the precious people who have been the rock of my faith also.

"Silver hair is a beautiful crown found in a righteous life."
Proverbs. 16:31

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