Saturday, August 25, 2012

Summer cats

Maggie asked me how the cats fared during my absence this summer. Or rather, how the cat sitters fared.

All cats seem very happy to have people around again regularly. My cat sitters did a great job of feeding, cleaning and loving them. The two sisters (around age 20) took turns coming in the mornings and the evenings but maybe their mother enjoyed being with my kitties the most. She said she would come over after the evening bath and sit and pet whatever cat wanted the most love that day. And I guess mom even fell asleep on the sofa one night and one of her daughters had to come get her!

The heat was and is hard on all the cats but they survive by seeking out spots under the chairs and tables and on window sills.

Toi and Patora are still out in the cat house but it is well shaded by a reed curtain and when a breeze blows by they are probably the coolest of us all. Not too much action from anybody.

Sleep, nap, drowse, snore. In the late afternoons I go searching for a cool spot myself but I question Mi's choice of a nap area!

Anyway, my cat sitters seemed to have enjoyed their part time job and when I asked if they'd be willing to offer their services again some day they said yes so I guess it wasn't too traumatic an experience.

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