Friday, September 07, 2012

Any bazaar craft ideas?

Nothing too beautiful to show today. I spent time in the sewing room yesterday but ended up sewing things that were not planned. (I had planned more fiery stars. Didn't get those done) And it is all because of Mrs. Furui!

Mrs. Furui called me in the morning to ask
  1. if I had any left over batting tubes and
  2. if I would be willing to make some small things for the hospital bazaar.
The answer to both questions was yes, but the WHAT for the second question caused the day's re-planning.

First off, I am so happy to donate my batting tubes BACK to Mrs. Furui. (I order batting through her). I buy batting in longer lengths and the fluffy rolls come wrapped around heavy-duty cardboard tubes. They seemed a shame to waste but they were piling up in the corner of my sewing room. The children's hospital have the children make palanquin like "floats" decorated with origami and tissue paper flowers and they needed some lightweight "bars" that would let the children shoulder the float when they carried it around the hospital. Batting tubes will be just the thing! (I've got shorter ones too... Mrs. Furui didn't want those...)

Now... what to do about making something crafty for the hospital bazaar. They want small things (Whew! I don't need to make a bed quilt in three weeks time!) I fussed around with scraps and determined I could make some little bear badges that are cute. I've even had my English students make some of these so they would probably be easy to sew up fast and a whole ream of them would be sweet.

I also can make luggage tags fairly easily now... (while I still remember how to use the button hole gadget) and I made up a couple to give to Mrs. Furui because she is heading for Germany next week! So see! She is not going to be able to do much sewing!

The other possibility is making some small clutch bags out of all the fabric strips and scraps of batting that I have stuffed in boxes... But that would call for putting in some zippers in the end... I don't think I can do that. I don't understand the mechanics of putting in zippers.

Any ideas? Any ideas with pictures or tutorials that I can follow?

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