Sunday, September 16, 2012


It is still hot and humid around here. The farmers are beginning to harvest their fields but to avoid the heat, Choco and I don't get out for a walk until early evening.

I suppose another sign of approaching autumn are the many dragonfly that hover over the fields or rest on the taller stalks. Supposedly one can hypnotize dragonflies by twirling a finger right in front of their eyes but I can't get close enough to start twirling. And I'm trying not to drop a camera too!

That's what a zoom lens is for, Tanya!

Choco and I went out into the fields and tried to capture dragonflies digitally.

Not greatly successful but it was a photo challenge.

A lone dragonfly observing the incoming storm clouds.

How many dragonflies? 1, 2, 3, 4. At least in that picture. They were all over the field and they all "pointed" toward the slight breeze coming from the south.

"Mr. Dragonfly, you stay right there while I figure out how to adjust the exposure meter, the depth of field, the aperture and get manually focused."

Mr. Dragonfly was very patient while I fumbled and dropped the lens cap and Choco's leash. ("Choco! Don't you dare move!!!)

I love a challenge!

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