Friday, September 21, 2012

Fiery star flimsy

I spent a lot of yesterday SEWING!  And I am happy to say that I now have another flimsy!

Starr Fire (I've been calling it Fiery Star but the pattern is called Starr Fire) has definitely turned out fiery!  It gave me some headaches but I think the abundant color will hide the imperfections.

I tried to be extra careful when piecing this...measuring and remeasuring the 1/4 inch seam, but from the beginning my sewn strips did not fit the acrylic template provided.  I can't remember if my pieces were too big or too small but anyway the lines did not match up.  I forged ahead to the next step.

With strip blocks too something, I wasn't sure if I should match up the template tip, the template bottom or try for one of the template lines.  Arghh!  Well, I basically had template shape pieces.  Forging onward.

Sewing the odd template pieces to the center purple square wasn't much of a problem with the partial seams, but the finished blocks' final measurements did not come out to what they were supposed to be.  And when I tried centering them and cutting them to a standard size I lost a good 3/4 of an inch on each one!  Oh dear.  This quilt is going to be a lot smaller than planned!  (Better that than a lost corner on some of the blocks.)

And when sewing the blocks together I found that though the blocks were all the same size, the seam lines did not match up at all.  If I'd STARTED with the exact size strip blocks I think these seams would have matched.

And also the points of the stars.  Those are all off too.  At this point I was wondering if not only did I have a too small quilt but also a disaster. ...The quilt was still pretty though...

I congratulated myself on having bought quite a lot of extra purple fabric and I thought about making extra wide borders.  And then I realized I still had some left over ends of the strip blocks so I cut those up and made an extra border.  (I'd seen this idea on Ferret Fabricates blog when I went looking for people on the Internet who had made this quilt) and THEN I added a wide border.

Yeah!  So now the flimsy is put together.  It looks very bright and fiery, the color drowns out all the mis-matched seams and my niece, if and when she gets this on her bed, isn't going to know that I had a dilly of a time with this at all.

(Of course I've still got the quilting to worry about and that will be a super dilly!)

I'm happy so far!  Too bad I don't have a room that is big enough for laying this out.

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