Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This week's embroidery

 Wednesday and I have a busy day again.  No sewing today.

This week I finished up another of the Promises and Borders blocks.  Getting towards the end here!  I have 9 blocks embroidered now (I think) and only one more to go.  I think I've run out of green variegated thread so I'll have to go hunting for the same color... Now where did I buy that skein?..

And Mrs. Nakazawa who is working on a Bible quilt came last week lamenting that her cataract surgery wasn't completely successful and she still has trouble seeing the embroidery lines.  She persevered with the lettering in this block but asked if I could retrace the pattern for her.  I can do better than that!  I can finish the embroidery for her.

Isn't this a cute pattern?  It is from Red Brolly (slight variation) and we added Mrs. Nakazawa's favorite Bible verse so that the block can be the center of the Bible sampler that Mrs. Nakazawa and Rumi-san are making.

I always say my eyes are finished with doing embroidery in this lifetime but I do love the finished blocks and the feeling of satisfaction when a pretty block is on the table!

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