Monday, September 03, 2012

Weekend hot spa

Tetsu and I had a lazy weekend. We got the bumper attached to the car again. It may not be a long term thing because the fender is bent a bit but I really don't want to spend any money repairing the car... It is so much easier to drive when I know that any more damage I might do won't mar a perfect surface. Is that negative thinking?

After the stop at the mechanics Tetsu and I drove to a hot spa and spent a quiet afternoon there. Way off in the mountains, a newly built "village" that got moved (the whole village) when a dam was put in. Beautiful mountains, beautiful river, a suspended bridge leading to a short hiking area.

"Oh, let's hike it. It can't be that rough, look how nicely the path is maintained."

At the top was a Bell of Long Life. Supposedly you ring the bell and extend your life span (if you haven't had a heart attack hiking to the top of the mountain.) The bell really pealed over the hills and valleys! Sort of embarrassing actually but ringing the bell did seem like the prize at the end of an adventure.

After the hot spa (sorry, no cameras allowed where naked people are walking about), I relaxed and read my Kindle and before we went home Tetsu and I spent some time soaking our feet in the hot foot spa.

This has become quite popular in our part of Japan. A quick stop to rest weary bones and get heated to the core without stripping all down. For all of you who are leery of public bathing, a hot foot spa would be just the thing.

Tetsu loves natural hot spas so much he'd like to just move in and live there!

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