Saturday, September 29, 2012


How many of you keep fresh flowers on your table or in a corner of a room?  I would love to... but I don't.

Sometimes I've visited little cafes or restaurants with a sprig of a wild flower sitting in a glass vase or a few leaves occupying an earthen pot.  It seems so homey and back to nature to have a simple flower unobtrusively gracing a window sill.

Well, we have the wild flowers this season.  Choco and I went out yesterday with the camera and found lots of wildflowers.

These are a type of amaryllis called Higanbana, that are abundant around the perimeters of rice fields.  Someone must have planted some bulbs at one time and they've just multiplied here (they are only around some of the rice fields.)  I have learned that these do not make great cut flowers... they wilt too quickly.  So I go OUT to the flowers to enjoy them rather than try to bring them into my house.

Higanbana are interesting because they just suddenly pop up out of the earth one morning.  No leaves or anything, just a riot of vibrant red along the fields and between the bushes.

I made Choco pose in the middle of an Higanbana field.

In another direction there was a sprinkling of these yellow flowers in an empty field and Choco and I braved the undergrowth (snakes you know) to check them out.

"Now a couple of these cheery flowers might brighten up the house.  Let's take a few home and put them in a vase.  Maybe they won't wilt as fast as amaryllis."

I guess we'll never know.  Chip took great interest in the yellow flowers and within minutes she'd nipped through all the stems and strewn flowers on the window sill.  

 This is why I don't have flowers in my house...  I have cats instead.

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