Saturday, October 13, 2012

A different direction

Choco and I enjoy our afternoon walks... Choco especially likes it when we go in a new direction.  I suppose even a dog gets bored with walking the same route morning and evening day after day after day.

This week we headed out on a new route and found a pretty patch of flowers...

I wonder what these are called.  They must be another type of amaryllis as they too have no leaves and suddenly pop up in this season.

Choco and I went to check out the elementary school (well, I see it daily but Choco doesn't).  Some of the lower graders were walking home about the time Choco and I arrived.  I was surprised at how few children go home at the end of the day (lower grades and upper grades have different times for going home.)  Most of the children go to a "Children's club" that is a free service for families whose parents work.  The "club", at the edge of the school ground, will keep the children until 6:00 in the evening I think.  Anyways, the children going home had grandparents who came to pick them up (and walk home with them.)

And Choco and I went past a forest and through a tunnel on our way home.  There was a cluster of these little statues by the road....  Little gods of some type.  Hmmm.  MY God neither rests nor sleeps!

"Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep."
Psalms 121:4 

And the tiny tunnel was awash in amber light...  with a big tour bus passing over it on the expressway heading up to the Nikko mountains and waterfalls.

Choco enjoyed the different smells.  I enjoyed the different sights.

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