Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween classes

Because this is the last week of October, we are not doing a lot of English study in my English classes.  Oh, we are USING some English (some) but over the years the kids expect crafts, snacks and games. 

At the pre-school, the teachers had the children dress up (in plastic bags and construction paper!) and they gathered in the main room for a few songs and then the passing out of treats...  Hmm.  I dressed up as a witch but I see that I'm not in any of these pictures...

 Let's see,  there were "jack o' lanterns" and black cats, and different colored bats and Chinese zombies.

Here is a close up of the Chinese zombies...

At home I had one of my English classes working on making skeletons.... with Q-tips!  This was a fun project and the children could create as they wished.  (And cutting up those Q-tips sent fuzzy white balls  whizzing around the room like rockets!)

My lone sixth grade girl had told me she wanted to sew but I had a hard time thinking of a one hour sewing project with a Halloween theme to it.  Ah... Here is some pumpkin fabric... I set her to work making a pillow case and she did a great job! 

Obviously the Home Economics class at school has paid off and she felt very comfortable using my sewing machine.

One pillow case made!

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